India, China for verification of climate change measures

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NEW DELHI - Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh Tuesday said India and China are open to international verification of domestic climate change mitigation measures, a step that could break a deadlock during talks at Cancun, Mexico.

India along with China are on board MRV (measure, report and verify) which is better known as ICS (international consultation and assessment), Ramesh said here. These are measures taken by both countries to reduce the impact of climate change.

India and China agreeing to international verification is likely to break a logjam between rich countries and developing nations. Climate change negotiations are on in Cancun from Nov 29-Dec 10.

The developed countries want China, India and some other developing countries to open their domestic mitigation measures for international assessment on the context that China is the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG) while India is the third largest, if the European Union’s assessment is to be taken separately.

Presently, both the countries are under no obligation to take any energy efficient measures but do it voluntarily.

The minister, who is leaving for Cancun Dec 3, said India is looking forward to two issues - establishment of technology transfer mechanism in the area of adaptation to climate change and MRV/ICA for internationalising domestic mitigation measure.

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