Can sauvignon blanc in sunscreen help avoid sunburn?

Monday, January 17, 2011

WELLINGTON - A NZ company has discovered a brand new use for Marlborough sauvignon blanc - using it in sunscreen.

Marlborough company NZ Extracts recently commissioned AgResearch to investigate whether sauvignon blanc extracts could help avoid sunburn.

“We were surprised by how effective grape seed extracts are at combating protein damage from UV rays on skin,” quoted said AgResearch senior scientist Jolon Dyer as saying.

“The preliminary results indicate a significant reduction in the level of oxidation in the skin proteins.”

Glenn Vile, the general manager of NZ Extracts, said the find could avoid the large amount of waste that occurred.

“What is important is we’re talking here about sauvignon blanc grapes grown in Marlborough, New Zealand. These grape seeds and other matter were discarded in the past and all the properties and benefits of the seeds weren’t being captured,” he said.

Vile got together with a local seed grower and other investors to form NZ Extracts to investigate the nutriceutical benefits of the grape seed.

He contracted research which found grape seed extract had proven benefits for anti-ageing and exercise products, and that the high levels of ultra-violet light in Marlborough gave its grapes higher levels of antioxidants and other beneficial chemicals to protect their seeds.

Now the grape extract, trademarked as vinanza, is already being used by Wellington-based skin care company Antipodes and a food version, Oxifend, is used in Hubbards cereal. (ANI)

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