Listening to Take That and Abba is the best way to improve your mood

Friday, February 18, 2011

LONDON - A study has found that listening to Take That and Abba is what makes us the happiest.

The study from the Mindlab International Laboratory measured participants’ skin conductance and brain activity and found that songs from these two bands got people’s pulses racing.

After the Greatest Day, the songs that measured highest in the test included Dancing Queen, by Abba, the favourite of wedding disc jockeys; Finally by Ce Ce Peniston, a dance track that was heard across clubs in 1991 as people tried to forget the Norman Lamont recession.

And at number five was Jump, by Van Halen.

“Music affects people emotionally, intellectually and at a deep psychological level, as a result of biochemical systems in the body that originally evolved to make us emotionally responsive to the cries of our infants,” the Telegraph quoted Dr David Lewis Hodgson as saying.

“The differences between people’s subjective and physical responses clearly show that preconceptions about music tracks do not always relate to their enjoyment.”

Gennaro Castaldo, at HMV, wasn’t surprised that Take That was people’s favourite.

“Take That have been elevated into national treasures after their come back. Second time around it feels as if they are doing it because they are genuinely enjoying themselves and having fun,” he said.

“And that shines through in their music and reflects back on us, the listener. They can be very joyful to listen to.”

Abba, he said, were the perfect band to listen to in these financially austere times.

“Their lyrics are actually quite mournful, but we associate them with fantastic melodies and sequins. It’s feel-good music at its best.” (ANI)

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