San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO - Smartphone growth is exploding around the world, as Google's open-source Android operating system drives prices down, according to a study released Monday by market research firm IDC.

SAN FRANCISCO - Computers are increasingly coming in all shapes and sizes.
NASA Discovers New Solar System
SAN FRANCISCO ( For all those who have been thinking so far, that Solar System is the only terrestrial body, where one can find similar planets like earth and Mars, would now be proved wrong.
New Zodiac Signs Created By Celestial Changes?
SAN FRANCISCO ( Minnesota Planetarium Society recently declared that the gravitational pull of the moon on the Earth has resulted in the change of the planet's position in relation to its axis.

SAN FRANCISCO - In a major achievement for artificial intelligence, an IBM supercomputer beat two human champions of the popular US quiz show Jeopardy, IBM said.
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