NAGOYA - A fifth of the world's mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fishes are in imminent danger of going extinct, says this year's edition of the benchmark IUCN Red List. The percentages of threatened invertebrates and plants are similar.
WASHINGTON - The NASA has announced that a new system has been launched for the production of water from byproducts on the International Space Station (ISS).
BEIJING - China's lunar probe Chang'e-2 was manoeuvered to an experimental orbit Tuesday evening for taking pictures of the moon's Sinus Iridium or Bay of Rainbows.
NAGOYA - With animals and plants disappearing fast, scientists have made a plea to save 587 sites around the globe that are home to 920 species on the brink of extinction.
OSLO - The Norwegian Nobel Institute's website was Tuesday subjected to a hacker attack, the online edition of the Aftenposten daily reported.
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