NAGOYA - The Oct 18-29 UN biodiversity summit ended here Friday with agreement over a strategic plan on how to protect animals and plants, how to provide money for it, and how to share the revenues for medicines and cosmetics produced from medicinal plants.

NAGOYA - The Oct 18-29 UN biodiversity summit Thursday appointed India as one of the facilitators in an attempt to reach a global deal that aims to halt the loss of plants, animals and their habitats by 2020.

NAGOYA - Representatives of 192 countries are engaged in round-the-clock negotiations here to work out a non-legal agreement, as the Oct 18-29 talks on biodiversity draw to a close.

NAGOYA - A fifth of the world's mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fishes are in imminent danger of going extinct, says this year's edition of the benchmark IUCN Red List.

NAGOYA - With animals and plants disappearing fast, scientists have made a plea to save 587 sites around the globe that are home to 920 species on the brink of extinction.
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