NEW DELHI - With the mercury dipping and the morning turning misty, Delhiites were seen draping thin shawls and sporting sweatshirts to beat the chill Thursday morning.
SAN FRANCISCO - The US government has closed its investigation into Google's Street View privacy violations after the web search giants announced a string of strict privacy reforms last week, the Federal Trade Commission announced Wednesday.
MOSCOW - Russia's space agency Roscosmos is offering two billion rubles ($65 million) as an award for the best design of a moon-landing spaceship, a media report said.
NAGOYA - The Oct 18-29 UN biodiversity summit Thursday appointed India as one of the facilitators in an attempt to reach a global deal that aims to halt the loss of plants, animals and their habitats by 2020.
SAN FRANCISCO - MySpace, the former ruler of social networking that was superseded by Facebook, has announced a redesign that moves the website away from user profiles to entertainment content.
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